Product Name:okoume veneer C + grade
okoume veneer C + grade
C grade
1 (Thickness tolerance) according tocontract(normally±0.05mm)
2 moisture contentin transport 12%
3 dimension tolerance 1270mmm×2540mm
4 square within 6.3mm
5 cracking caused by wrong dry processing not allowed
6 high-low interleaving casued by slopes maximum length of 25.4mm measured according to diagonal
7 pasting adhesive tape on both sides adhesive tape needed,but pasting on the middle of floor is forbiden, adhesive tape length standard is 5cm,if tape lenth over 5cm ,above D grade(incuding D) is not permitted.
8 closureable fracture acceptable maximum length is 455mm,and each end has 2 fractures after adhesive tape pasting
9 closureable fracture 1.6mm×(maximum length)255mm is acceptable,and each end has 1 fracture after adhesive tape pasting
10 open joint 1.6mm×(maximum length)305mm is acceptable, and each end has 1 open joint after adhesive tape pasting
11 joint off not allowed
12 sound pin knots (appeared seldom and distributed dispersively )
13 sound tight knot not allowed
14 sound burr allowed if dispersive
15 Mineral line and chromatic aberration little bit
16 knot holes not allowed
17 decay rot,resin fleck,glue marks and other machine marks not allowed
18 heartwood colour mixed with sapwood colour buyers and sellers coordinates with each other
19 roughness of panel face panel face roughness do not look obviously with shadow on panel
20 washboard grain not allowed
21 sapwood a little bit is allowed
22 worm holes not allowed
23 worm holes: less than 1.6mm distributing dispersively is allowed and do not look clear
24 repairing not allowed
25 colour flecks symmetry on veneer slope 's colour and grain is allowed
26 marks of parasitic plants not allowed
27 lineation not allowed
28 dog holes not allowed
29 grease spot not allowed
30 filament not allowed